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Spring Safety


May is National Electrical Safety Month, and it’s a great time to raise awareness on how to avoid potential electrical hazards.


  • Check electric cords for fraying or cracking.
  • Replace cords that may be damaged, and don’t overload electric outlets.
  • Remember extension cords are intended to be temporary
  • Don’t run cords under carpets or rugs and don’t tack or nail cords to walls or floors.
  • Keep electric appliances and tools away from water.
  • Never put anything other than an electrical plug in an outlet.
  • Use outlet covers or caps to protect children.
    Keep your home’s electrical system in good repair.


  • Never touch downed power lines!
  • Always call your local utility or 911 if you see lines down.
  • Watch for overhead lines every when using a ladder.
  • Know what’s below before you dig. Just call 811, the National One Call Center, to have underground utility lines, pipes, and cables marked for free.
  • Avoid planting trees underneath power lines or near utility equipment.

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