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Kitchen Safety

Staying safe in the kitchen can be overlooked more times than you would think. Did you know that more than half of house fires start in the kitchen! Statistics now show that most fires are caused by misusing electrical cooking appliances.

Simple Kitchen safety to Remember

Sockets and Switches

  • Make sure sockets and switches are a safe distance away from the sink
  • Never use switches or electrical equipment if your hands are wet.

7 Safety Tips to brush up on while in the Kitchen

  1. Never leave electrical appliances running unattended. Anything could happen and its best to hang around just those few minutes when you bread is heating up in the toaster.
  2. Never wrap cords around equipment when it is still warm. We are all rushed and want to straighten up the counter, but wait until these appliances are cool to the touch.
  3. Always check and make sure cords from toasters, griddles or coffee pots are in good working condition. Look for frays or creases in the cording and if present its probably time to replace!
  4. Take time to clean oven or grill after use and cooled! Fat or grease can build up over time becoming a fire hazard.
  5. Make sure plugs aren’t overloaded with too many appliances. There truly aren’t ever enough plugs for a kitchen counter but be sure to not overload an outlet when cooking.
  6. Always always take the time to test your smoke detectors each month. The little chirping reminder can be annoying but they truly can save lives.
  7. Lastly, If a fire does start, don’t try and fight it alone, GET OUT and call 911 immediately
These tips and reminders may seem very simple but it only takes a second for improper use of electrical appliances to become a very dangerous situation. If we can be of service within your kitchen, wether for installation of extra outlets, checking switches for lighting or disposals, installing new smoke detectors or any plumbing situation give us a call at one of our three locations.

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